What do we do?


At Fahrenheit, we desire to positively impact society through: training and partnering

Training  Every time Fahrenheit engages in a training activity, a Mentor is given tools to help them become more effective.  More effective Mentors help change lives. From training workshops, to one-on-one training sessions to informative Facebook posts or weekly emails expanding on the topic of mentoring, Fahrenheit continues to train others.

Our goal is to expand training opportunities and partner with like-minded organizations to help raise up qualified and passionate people who catch the vision of changing society one person at a time through mentoring. Fahrenheit is passionate about training others for kingdom success.

PARTNERING Fahrenheit actively seeks local, national, and global partners for the purposes of expanding a mentoring movement. Current partnerships receive training, support and a network of mentors at their disposal by offering a network of like-minded people who desire to see mentoring impact their communities.


How Fahrenheit Can Help You:

  • Desire to learn more about TRAINING and PARTNERING with us? Please contact us today to explore the possibilities of envisioning a world changed one person at a time through authentic mentoring relationships.