What is a critical spirit? 

You know the answer to that question if you are frequently on the receiving end of someone’s critical spirit.  The dictionary defines criticism as “an act of criticizing; to find fault; to blame or condemn.”

 A critical spirit is an obsessive attitude of criticism and faultfinding that seeks to tear others down. We’re not talking about what some refer to as “constructive criticism.”  The only criticism that is ever constructive is that which is expressed in love to “build up,” not to tear down.  It is always expressed face-to-face, never behind the back.

  1.  If you have a critical spirit, you dwell on the negative and seek out flaws in others. 
  2. You complain and are usually upset about something. 
  3. You generally have a problem with something and end up whining about it. 
  4. You can’t control your speech or temper and you gossip a lot.


What does God say about it?  Take a look at Romans 14:10-13:

 “Why do you criticize and pass judgment on others?  Why do you look down on or despise others?  We will all stand before the judgment seat of God and give an account of ourselves.  Let’s no longer criticize, blame, and pass judgment on one another, but rather decide to never be a stumbling block, obstacle, or hindrance to anyone.  (Jon’s paraphrase)

 How do you get rid of your critical spirit? 

  • First of all you recognize that your critical spirit is a spiritual issue in your life. 
    •  Murray Mayfield defines a critical spirit as “a negative attitude that focuses on real or imagined faults with no thought toward a biblical or practical solution.” 
  • Learn right ways to privately and gently confront others when you must. 
  • Recognize that, more often than not, your criticism is sinful. 
  • Get to the place where you can see others the way God sees them…lovingly, with grace and mercy.  After all, that is how He sees you!

 Jon Cook

Some of the above information is taken from a copyrighted article by Dale A. Robbins.